Building a Rails Project

Like any project you build, whether it is a house or a web application, you need to have a solid method to your madness. So lets plan our work, and work our plan!

When I started my Rails project, I decided to create a quick guide to help get any project up and running quickly. Here goes…

1. Use and clearly make a wire-framing diagram flow chart for your project.

2. In VS Code, type gem install rails in your terminal.

3. Run rails new name -T -d postgresql

4. Run cd name

5. In the terminal, run rails db:create

6. Run rails s to confirm that you have everything set up correctly.

7. Create a new repository on github. (on github)

8. Implement Bootstrap

// Custom bootstrap variables must be set or imported before bootstrap.

9. Add Gems Bcrypt, Pry to gemfile

10. Add gem ‘dotenv-rails’, ‘~> 2.1’, ‘>= 2.1.1’

11. Create Models and Migrations

12. Seed the database

13. Create Routes

14. Create Actions in Controllers

15. DRY up your application

By creating a workflow, you will have organization to your thoughts and be able to execute your project faster. I hope this helps you get started building a rails application quickly and decreases the coding timeframe of your project.

Most of all… Have fun coding!!!



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